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From the desk of William Cassidy
January, 2022

Did you know that you can run a Facebook ad campaign for $5/ day that only gets shown to your ideal customers?

Imagine what would happen for your business if you targeted only your ideal customers that had upcoming birthdays, within a certain mile radius of your business with an ad for a free or discount meal, drink, lesson or admission for their birthday.

How many would take you up on that offer?

Would they bring their friends? Tell their friends on social media?

Would they become a repeat customer with a high lifetime customer value?

I’d love to find out!

That’s why I’m offering to create a 14 day Facebook ad campaign with an automated sales funnel and lead capture for you for free.

It’s a birthday campaign and I build and manage everything. You get to enjoy the benefits of a professionally built paid ad campaign.

Many restaurants, bars, spas and other establishments already successfully use Birthday Campaigns. This is the same except it’s digital.

If you own a restaurant, bar, gym, spa, salon, game center or any business that benefits from groups of customers coming in or has a high lifetime customer value like dentists, chiropractors, auto services, insurance, lawyers, architects, accountants, etc; this is great for you.

Here’s how it works…

All you have to do is provide me some access and info and I’ll set everything up. You only pay the ad spend.

You can start for as little as $5/day, although I recommend at least $10/day so that I can split test, which I’ll also do for free.

If you want to add video, retargeting pixel and/or follow up services; they are upgrades and cost extra but they are not required.

Video generally increases the conversion rates and retargeting is beneficial if you plan to remarket another offer to the visitors who showed interest in this campaign but didn’t convert.

Follow up services also improve conversion rates.

Any service upgrade can be added later.

If you haven’t started transitioning your ad spend from traditional marketing to digital, this is the perfect opportunity to start with very little risk, cost or effort on you.

What I need you to do now is click the button below, give me some basic info and schedule a phone call where we discuss the details and I’ll answer any questions that you may have.

You are not obligated in any way. If we talk and you decide that this isn’t for you, no worries. If you decide this is for you, I’ll get started building your ad campaign and conversion funnel.

There is no cost or risk to find out more, so click the button and let’s find out.



To your growth & prosperity,
Bill Cassidy
Business & Mindset Coach
William Cassidy



What is a birthday campaign?

A Birthday campaign is an advertising campaign targeting people with birthdays with a free or discount offer with the hopes that the recipient either comes in and spends more money than the ad costs, shares their positive experience on social media, becomes a regular customer or brings in additional customers with them. Or ALL of the previous benefits.

How long does everything take?

Once we talk and decide on the offer, I get started creating the sales funnel and writing the ad. I’ll send the ad to you along with links to the funnel for your approval. Then I’ll set up and launch the Facebook campaign. Everything usually takes less than a week.

What exactly is the offer that we will make?

It depends on your business. For example, a restaurant may offer a free dinner for the birthday person, a salon may offer a free manicure, an axe throwing facility may offer a free hour of throwing. There’s a bit more, but you get it.

Where does the sales funnel live?

I use one of my sites for ease and simplicity. I could put it on your site but I’d have to charge you for that.

What am I responsible for?

You are responsible for the ad spend, offer delivery (ie. the meal, manicure, etc.) and making money from your leads.

What happens after 14 days?

It’s up to you. We can do nothing, something better or continue the campaign as is and I’ll take care of managing everything, hosting, maintenance, etc.

Who is this not for?

Although birthday campaigns work well for a lot of businesses, they certainly don’t work well for all businesses. Therefore, if you are not sure or believe that they may not work for you, contact me anyhow and I’ll see if I can create a similar campaign that is free to get you started; or, at least, low cost.