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Digital Marketing Strategy



From the desk of William Cassidy
May, 2022

Hi! My name is Bill Cassidy and I’m a business and mindset coach who specializes in growth and prosperity via digital marketing – and simplicity.

After 25 plus years of doing tech and marketing one thing that I discover is that when a business owner calls wanting help, rarely is the solution what they asked for initially.

What they think is the problem, and solution, is usually not the problem. And their solution is often TOTALLY NOT their best option.

Additionally, it’s almost always not the simplest, most effective and/or cost effective option.

That’s why I offer a FREE digital marketing strategy session to get started.

My job, and goal, is to help business owners leverage digital technologies to efficiently, effectively and quickly get more leads, sales, income and profits.

The best way for me to do my job is to discover your goals and identify your assets. Then plan, implement and execute the appropriate strategy to get the results that you want.

To clarify, the “appropriate” strategy is the one that gets you what you want the fastest. And with the least amount of effort and aggravation.

Every business and owner is unique and although most marketing agencies want to fix every problem with SEO, Sales Funnels or whatever their specialty is, I believe that the best way to help you grow your business is by leveraging the proven, effective systems, tools and strategies – not what’s hot, popular or the easiest for me.

Also, I believe that what is best for you and me is a mutually beneficial relationship built on earned trust.

And, I want to earn your trust and business.

That’s another reason why I’m offering you a…

FREE DM Strategy Session

It’s a chance for me to put my best foot forward towards earning your future business by helping you now for free; and with no risk at all to you.

It enables us to discover what you really want and need to accomplish, then start discussing possible ways to get you there.

You are not obliged or committed in any way. There is no hard selling or pressure. I help you, and if you want, I can help you more.

Or, you can take what I give you and implement it yourself; or hire someone else and simply use my strategy if that’s what suits you best.

Its all good!

I’m here to help you. If we don’t move forward and if you ever need me for something else in the future, I’ll be here for you.

Although I do my best to make everything as easy as possible for you, I need you to take action.

So, take the first step is to tell me a little bit about your business so that I can best serve you. Then schedule your call.

Simply click the red button below, fill out the form and claim your Digital Marketing Strategy Session.

Again, my name is Bill Cassidy and I’m so looking forward to helping you leverage digital marketing to accelerate your growth and profits.



To your growth & prosperity,
Bill Cassidy
Business & Mindset Coach
William Cassidy