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Stop wasting time, money and effort on ineffective marketing strategies.

SEO, Content Marketing and Traditional strategies like print, radio and TV are time consuming, expensive, unreliable and less effective than paid digital advertising.

Paid advertising like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram are what professionals use. And you should too; if you want more customers, revenue and profits.

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    Have you ever used birthday campaigns before?

    Have you ever used paid digital advertising before?




    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What’s required of me?  All you have to do is provide me some access and info and I’ll set everything up. 

    How much does it cost to get started?  The ad and funnel setup is free, you only pay for the ads which can be as little as $1/day.

    How much can I spend on ads/day? I recommend at least $10/day with my 14 day free birthday campaign trial offer, so that I can split test, which I’ll also do for free. But you can spend more or less. Let’s talk…

    I don’t have a bar or restaurant and my business is unique, will this work for me?   This works for almost every business. This is especially great for restaurants, bars, gyms, spas, salons, game centers or any business that benefits from groups of customers coming in or has a high lifetime customer value like dentists, chiropractors, auto services, insurance, lawyers, architects, accountants, etc. 

    Can I see and approve the campaign before it goes live?  Yes.

    How much does it cost to continue once the trial ends?  You can cancel at any time but if you want to continue getting leads and customers after the 14 day trial, this service only costs $97/month (for now). 

    Can you add a retargetting pixel?  Yes, certainly. If you want a retargeting pixel setup; it’s extra and smart to have, but it’s not required.  Retargeting is beneficial if you plan to remarket another offer to the visitors who showed interest with this one but didn’t convert.  Any extra services can be added later.

    Can I use video?  Yes. If you want video, that’s extra too, but not required. Video generally increases your conversion rates. All extra services can be added later or I could use yours if it’s appropriate.

    Do you offer follow up services? Follow up services also improve conversion rates, cost extra and can be added any time you want.

    Do you offer other, non-birthday campaigns?  Yes! Let’s talk

    What’s my risk?  If you haven’t started transitioning your ad spend from traditional marketing to digital, this is the perfect opportunity to start with little to no risk, cost or effort for you.

    What if I still have questions?  Sign up and then we’ll talk. I’ll happily answer all of your question to determine if this is right for you and your business. You are under no obligations.