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Proven Digital Marketing Campaigns to Quickly and Easily Grow Your Business and Profits

There are many possible digital marketing campaigns you could use to grow your business and profits, but not all campaigns are good for every business. Some campaigns work better for certain businesses and not others. I categorized a list  of proven digital marketing campaigns that work well for most businesses. The list contains some redundancy for clarity and the bold text signifies the campaigns.

Website Development

Digital Marketing CampaignsTurn your brochure website into an automated lead capture and sales machine.

I can help you improve your web presence, develop content or install a certain website functionality like live chat, live streaming, online ordering or exit pops.

Traffic Generation

Traffic is what makes everything work. Without traffic you’ll obviously have no conversions.

Paid advertising is the fastest way to generate traffic but Content Marketing and Social Marketing both work; just at a slower speed.

The latter also can be used to establish credibility.

Retargeting, you know the ads that seemingly follow you around the web. They are a high converting from of traffic and I can help you build a retargeting campaign.

If social media benefits your business and you are struggling, I have an Unghosting Campaign that will have you generate traffic.

Press Releases are not actually a traffic strategy, although they do generate some traffic. However, they have other benefits and should be considered.

Sales Funnels and Conversions

Sales Funnels and ConversionsFirst, you need the infrastructure including pages, opt in forms and payment processors. Commonly referred to as sales funnels.

Once you have the foundation, you can work on conversions. Conversions require tracking, testing and analysis – optimization.

Increase your traffic and improve your conversion rates and you will increase your revenue and profits.

Probably the most unsexy of campaigns are followup campaigns. You’d be right if you are thinking email, but SMS and others are also valuable.


OK, monetization campaigns are another of my favorites.

Many business owners have under monetized assets like lists, traffic, groups and audiences. I can help you leverage those assets for increased profits.

Yeah, it’s what I do and it’s really not that difficult.

I can also help you monetize inactive customers.


Optimization CampaignsOptimization campaigns can often be way more profitable than you may at first think.

When you have tracking and testing setup properly, you can make data driven decisions to increase your profits.

No matter what type of digital campaign you are running, you need to have tracking and testing setup and analyzing the data properly is critical to your success.

I can help you with set up, testing and analysis.

Advanced Positioning and Status

Positioning Campaigns are my favorite because they work so effectively. Most business owners don’t even know that they even exist.

Positioning Campaigns improve your status, marketing material’s conversion rates, income and a host of other benefits.

Your business in the news, book publishing and news releases are examples of Positioning Campaigns.

But the real magic is in the execution.

Mindset, Tips and Insights

MindsetPractical business solutions are usually the answer to growing your business and increasing your profits.

But, not always…

Sometimes inspiration and/or coaching may be what is needed most. So, I have two less practical, but not less effective, solutions for you to consider.

First is Mindset coaching. Sometimes people have deep seeded beliefs that are sabotaging their efforts. And without conquering them first, they are doomed for failure.

The second also deals with mindset. It’s a simple website, ProsperitySimplex.com where I publish growth and prosperity tips and insights.

Campaigns Wrap Up

That’s a lot of campaigns.

Did you see any that may help your business?

Maybe you don’t want to bothered and just want someone to handle everything. I have a solution for that too…


P.S.  I really want to thank you for reading this and I hope you found something useful within. And, I hope I hear from you soon. Thanks again.

To your growth & prosperity,
Bill Cassidy
Business & Mindset Coach
William Cassidy